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Holland College folk of all ages raising funds for Haiti – Part 2

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For many Islanders, Haiti has been a destination for missionary and relief work for many years, and the news of the devastation left in the aftermath of the earthquake in Port au Prince in January touched them deeply. The same was true within the Holland College family. Over the years, staff and students at Holland College have consistently shown that they understand that we are all part of a greater community than is bounded by the shores of our island – that we are indeed part of a global community through which we, our families and our friends travel. News of the disaster automatically put people into fundraising mode.   

The Help Haiti fundraising dinner was held in the Montgomery Cafeteria at the Tourism and Culinary Centre. The view of the mouth of the Charlottetown Harbour from the cafeteria is stunning.


Staff and students at the Tourism and Culinary Centre immediately began planning Help Haiti, a fundraising dinner and silent auction. Everyone pitched in, including vendors, who provided the food free of charge. The evening featured a distinctly Haitian menu (with the spiciness toned down for our northern palates), and a presentation by Epheta and Don Norman. Epheta is a Haitian now living on P.E.I. Proceeds from the evening went to ShelterBox, an organization that provides temporary housing and supplies to disaster-stricken areas.   

The plan was to raise $15,000, which would purchase 15 ShelterBoxes for Haiti. By the end of the evening, with guests digging deep into their purses and pockets, almost $16,400 was raised. Considering that this amount will be matched by the Federal government, this is a sizable donation indeed.   

In addition to the money raised by the gang at Tourism and Culinary Centre, staff and students across the province donated their time and talents to the cause. The Aerospace Centre in Summerside got in on the act when Wood Manufacturing – Cabinetmaking Learning Manager Graham Hicken sported a necklace and earrings that he won in a Haiti Casual Days draw. So bewitching was Mr. Hicken that staff and students begged him to complete the ensemble with more appropriate attire. Never one to shy away from a bit of fun, Graham challenged everyone to come up with $500 for Haitian relief if they wanted to see him in full regalia…including a dress and makeup (if you’ve seen Graham, you’ll know that a hair-do was out of the question).   

Students at the Aerospace Centre put their talents to good use busking. As student Matthew Amond told me, "It's a fun alternative to the usual 'jar on the desk'."


As a result, by using his natural assets for the betterment of others, Graham was able to raise just over $730. In addition to participating in this fundraiser, students at the Aerospace Centre went all out, busking at lunch times and holding breakfast and lunch fundraisers, bringing in an additional $295, which has been sent to an orphanage in Haiti.   

In total, students across the province contributed almost $1,970 for Haiti. Two staff casual Friday fundraisers brought in another $2,770.   

A concerted effort was made to get all of the funds to the designated organizations prior to the Federal government’s matching deadline.   

And the fundraising continues. Three Events Management students are organizing a culture fair to take place 6 to 9 p.m., March 26, in the cafeteria at the Tourism and Culinary Centre. Kristy Morris, Emily Miner and Megan Bruce are currently seeking sponsors for the event, which will include Holland College students from The Bahamas, Bermuda, China, India, and Russia, as well as Canadians. The students will be a celebration of the students’ culture through food, music, dance, and arts and crafts. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the cause.   


Written by Sara Underwood

February 25, 2010 at 6:54 pm

Posted in Alumni, Staff, Students

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