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Skills Canada Provincial Competition a great success

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Kyle Jordan receives his gold medal at the recent Skills competitions.

Students across the province battled against the weather and subsequent cancellations to compete in the Skills Canada Provincial Competition recently, but in spite of the delays, the event was a great success. Kyle Jordan, the Electronics Engineering Technology student we featured in the last blog entry took Gold in his competition. Congratulations, Kyle!

According to Skills Canada PEI Executive Director Josh Silver, competitions are building in popularity.

“More than 300 people where in attendance at the awards ceremony. The great thing is that half of those people family, friends and teachers of the competitors. It is this strong support that will lead our team to victory in the nationals.

The provincial competition gives trades and technology students the opportunity to hone their skills in a competitive setting; and to network with potential employers, industry leaders, and educators. The gold, silver and bronze medal winners in each category will have the opportunity to represent the province in the national competitions in May 19th TO 24th in Waterloo, Ontario. More than half the gold medal winners are students at Holland College.

“Having met all 40 competitors on our team, I am pleased to say that we have a strong, competitive group,” he noted, adding that Skills Canada PEI is very appreciative of the support from Holland College and high schools across the province.

2010 Skills Canada Provincial Competition Medal Recipients2D Animation (Secondary)
Gold: Allyson Trainor and Allyse Nicholson; Silver: Lauren Adams and Erica Meschwitz; Bronze: Natasha MacDonald and Mariah Gay.

Aesthetics (Post-secondary)
Gold: Lacey Gallant; Silver: Tiffany Lewis; Bronze: Brittany Albert.

Architectural Tech. & Design (Post-secondary)
Gold: Rebecca Bryanton; Silver: Neil Sweetapple; Bronze: Matt Smith.

Automation and Control (Post-secondary)
Gold: Shawn Bell; Silver: Mark Kearns; Bronze: Anthony Vanbeek.

Automotive Services (Secondary)
Gold: Matt Waugh; Silver: Cody Dixon; Bronze: Tyson Chassion.

Automotive Services (Post-secondary)
Gold: Mike MacDonald; Silver: Joshua Postma; Bronze: George Brookins.

Baking (Post-secondary)
Gold: Sally Leighton; Silver: Lori MacAskill; Bronze: Vanessa Sweeney.

Cabinetmaking (Secondary)
Gold: Travis Richard; Silver: Jeff Arsenault; Bronze: Lee Shepard.

Cabinetmaking (Post-secondary)
Gold: Chris Strang; Silver: John Elwood; Bronze: Jesse MacNeill.

Carpentry (Secondary)
Gold: Kris MacLeod; Silver: Aaron Decoste; Bronze: Mitchell Vail.

Carpentry (Post-secondary)
Gold: John Kelly; Silver: Taylor Richard; Bronze: Nick White.

Cooking (Secondary)
Gold: Jenny Gillis; Silver: Morgan Roggeveen; Bronze: Samantha Daley.

Cooking (Post-secondary)
Gold: Amanda Cameron; Silver: Elisa Dorval; Bronze: Daniel Butler

CNC (Post-secondary)
Gold: Christian Richard

Electrical Wiring (Secondary)
Gold: Mason McCue; Silver: Logan LeClair; Bronze: Matt Bryon.

Electrical Wiring (Post-secondary)
Gold: Dallas Ellsworth; Silver: Kurtis Gallant; Bronze: Adam Pridham.

Electronics (Secondary)
Gold: Owen Doucette; Silver: William Morrison; Bronze: Jacob MacDonald.

Electronics (Post-secondary)
Gold: Kyle Jordan; Silver: Doug Gallant; Bronze: Matt Nicholson.

Graphic Design (Secondary)
Gold: Nadia Gaudet; Silver: Scott Byrne; Bronze: Jessica MacNeill.

Hairstyling (Secondary)
Gold: Kelsey Hogan; Silver: Jenna Arthur; Bronze: Christina Shaw.

Hairstyling (Post-secondary)
Gold: Tracey MacLean

IT Office Applications (Secondary)
Gold: Gary Irving.

IT/PC Network Support (Post-secondary)
Gold: Adam Gilmore; Silver: Daniel Archibald; Bronze: Kathy Corcoran

Job Interview (Secondary)
Gold: Alyssa Gallant.

Job Skill Demonstration (Secondary)
Gold: Monika Caulier. Silver: Laird Furguson.

Mechatronics (Post-secondary)
Gold: Mark Kearns and Shawn Bell; Silver: Ryan Martin and Mitch MacDonald.

Plumbing (Post-secondary)
Gold: Jeremy Doucette; Silver: Matt Knauffts; Bronze: Jonathan MacEachern.

Precision Machining (Post-secondary)
Gold: Corey Whelan; Silver: Ryan MacDonald; Bronze: Devin MacLeod.

Prepared Speech (Secondary)
Gold: Marianne LeBlanc; Silver: Chelsey Gallant.

Refrigeration (Post-secondary)
Gold: Justin Baird; Silver: John Creamer; Bronze: Aaron Adams.

Restaurant Service (Post-secondary)
Gold: Matthew Snyder; Silver: Colin Orin; Bronze: Amber Best.

Outdoor Powered Equipment (Secondary)
Gold: Dexter Arsenault; Silver, Jordan Ellsworth; Bronze: Morgan Roggeveen.

TV/Video Production (Secondary)
Gold: Anthony Rose and Scott Byrne; Silver: Devon Aylward and Dexter Wilkie.

Web Site Development (Secondary)
Gold: Joshua Wruck.

Welding (Secondary)
Gold: Martin Van Der Broek; Silver: Joey Callear; Bronze: Nick MacKenzie.

Welding (Post-secondary)
Gold: Charles Richards; Silver: Phillip LeFrance; Bronze: Calvin Harris.

Workplace Safety (Secondary)
Gold: Tasha Ramsay; Silver: Lauchlin Bakker; Bronze: Jacob Senter.

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March 23, 2010 at 4:57 pm

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Electronics Engineering Technology student overcomes challenges and prepares for Skills Canada Provincial Competition

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Kyle Jordan, a second year student in the Electronics Engineering Technology program at Holland College prepares for the Skills Canada Provincial Competition. Kyle is one of 200 high school and post-secondary students competing across the province this week.

When Kyle Jordan climbed onto his motorcycle late one night in May of 2007, his intention was to meet his friends at a remote beach, hang out for a while, and then return home. Spring was in the air, and the 22-year-old had recently returned to the Island from out west. He was glad to be home, and was considering what he wanted to do with his life when a lapse in good judgment changed everything.

In the early hours of the morning of May 27th, 2007, Kyle lost control of his motorcycle on a lonely country road and smashed into a stop sign. The impact of the crash was so forceful that Kyle lost his right leg, and doctors feared that they may have to amputate the other.

“I had no one to blame but myself,” he says candidly, referring to the fact that he was speeding that night.

“In the hospital I had a lot of time to think. Obviously, I was doing something wrong. It was time to make a change or I probably wouldn’t be alive for much longer.”

While he recovered from the trauma of the crash and began the grueling process of rehabilitation, Kyle reconsidered his plans for the future.

“Before the accident, I was interested in getting into heavy equipment mechanics; but the loss of my leg meant that I wouldn’t be as physically up for the day-to-day demands of the job as I would have liked, so I began to look at other options.”

He struggled to remain optimistic in the weeks following the accident, and planning his future became an important focus for him.

“I knew I had to stay positive,” he recalls, “or I would start spinning downward exponentially.”

He began considering his post-secondary options, visiting websites to find out about programs that may be of interest to him. Holland College’s two-year Electronics Engineering Technology program looked promising, so he investigated further.

The Electronics Engineering Technology program offers the academic and practical training to meet the needs of the electronics industry as an Engineering Technologist. With a blend of academic content, practical training and experience, learners will develop the required skills to apply electronic principles for circuit design and troubleshooting, to install and service electronic equipment and systems, and to install, operate and service modern electronic and data communications systems.

The program is nationally accredited by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board of the Council of Technicians and Technologists, and leads to a diploma that is recognized across Canada.

“According to the description of the program on the website, it sounded like something I’d like to do. I was just hoping that it was an accurate description.”

After obtaining his GED and taking an aptitude test, Kyle entered the program in September of 2008. He says the program fit the description on the web “to a T.”

By the time the Skills Canada Provincial Competition started the following spring, Kyle was totally immersed in the program and entered the competition. He won the provincial gold medal.

Bob Morrison, learning manager for the EET program, says Kyle’s success is due to his dedication to learning.

“The academic performance of Kyle Jordan is exemplary. His high regard to excellence is easily identified by his enthusiasm and commitment to produce top-level work. His strong work ethic is demonstrated daily by his punctuality, attendance, and by often submitting work prior to deadlines. These are the characteristics that not only make for an outstanding student, but also for an outstanding future employee.”

Kyle Jordan during the National Skills Canada Competition last year. (Photo courtesy of Eastlink)

Kyle went on to compete at the national competition level, placing fifth in a field of 13. He says competing in the nationals was an invaluable experience.

“You meet people who are doing what you’re doing. We’d finish the competition and discuss what we did. It really puts you in your place.”

Josh Silver, Executive Director of Skills Canada PEI, says Kyle’s ranking in the nationals was no small accomplishment.

“That’s a very respectable finish considering many of his competitors were the best from their much larger provinces – which is to say, competition was very strong!”

This year, as the young man nears his 25th birthday, Kyle should look back and reflect on the past couple of years with pride. To recover from such a devastating accident, and to be determined to find the most positive path to follow, is difficult at any age. Rather than seeing the negative aspects of his situation, he has focused on his strengths and worked hard to ensure that his future will be bright.

This Friday, he will compete in the Skills Canada Provincial Competition at the Holland College’s Charlottetown Centre, and hopefully will go on to the nationals again. His learning manager has not doubt that Kyle will draw all he can out of these experiences.

“The experience of participating both provincially and nationally in the Skills Competitions will provide Kyle with the opportunity to enhance his current strengths and develop new skills,” he notes.

All skills competitions are open to the public. To learn more about the Skills Canada Provincial Competition, visit http://www.skillscanada.pe.ca. To find out more about the Electronics Engineering Technology program and other programs at Holland College visit the website and click on the link to full time programs.

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March 3, 2010 at 12:16 pm

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