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Applied degree distance program gives working chefs the opportunity to enhance their credentials

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Foodservice professionals and culinary educators lead busy lives juggling family and social commitments while working in a highly demanding industry, frequently making it impossible to return to school to further their culinary educations . To address this problem, The Culinary Institute of Canada introduced a blended online delivery option for the school’s Applied Degree in Culinary Operations last September.

Culinary instructors currently employed at a post-secondary institution and chefs who have completed their Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC) can now enrol in this two-year program, which allows students to take the majority of their courses online, with the remaining courses offered on-campus in a condensed two-week format. Students may also choose to take individual courses before registering for the full program.quote

Applied degrees are undergraduate (bachelor’s) degrees with a hands-on focus in a particular industry, in this case, the foodservice industry. They prepare people to work in a specific profession and gain practical skills in combination with relevant theory while also earning a degree. This applied degree will empower students to be leaders in their industry and position them to develop policies and make changes to better improve the industry overall. For industry professionals who already know how to cook and want to advance in their careers, acquiring additional skills and knowledge is essential.

The Applied Degree in Culinary Operations focuses on the development of professional communication skills, a best-practices approach to human resource management, skills for planning and managing major projects, as well as the interpretation of financial statements and how to use them to make good business decisions. The degree also introduces food product development from concept to market, including everything from recipe development to how to use research and evidence-based decision making to maximize success, and how to determine the best way to market a product or service.

Written by Sara Underwood

June 24, 2013 at 11:23 am

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