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Business Administration program hosts Colonel Gray High School students from new Academy Diploma Program

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By Katherine Baird

The Holland College Business Administration program welcomed 25 students from Colonel Gray’s new Academy Diploma Program in Business and Innovation for a half-day visit on November 26. The visit featured program shadowing and student presentations.

The Academy Diploma Program (ADP) is a newly launched, provincially approved program that focuses on helping high school students with the transition into post-secondary education and the workplace. The program emphasizes specific, sector-related skills designed to prepare high school students to pursue their career of choice after graduation.

The ADP enables students to customize their education based on talents and interests while still meeting acceptable educational standards for high school diplomas. Students are also given opportunities to job shadow and volunteer within the community to gain experience in a variety of sector-related areas.

“The field trip to Holland College’s business department provided a valuable experiential learning activity for our students,” said Kevin MacLeod, coordinator for Academy Diploma Programs at Colonel Gray.  “Now that we’ve met with administrators and instructors of Holland College’s Business programs, we plan to call on their expertise in the future as guest speakers and perhaps advise us on various projects.”

During their visit to the Business Administration program, Colonel Gray ADP students were given a program presentation from faculty, a department tour, and a presentation from second-year Business Administration students. ADP students also attended a business studies class and had lunch with current students.

 “The Academy Diploma Program is an innovative addition to Colonel Gray’s curriculum,” said Brian Murray, a business studies instructor at Holland College. “Students will leave the Business ADP with a clear focus toward their goals in the business sector. It’s exciting to see high school students passionate about pursuing their careers.”

Pathway exploration is an important component of the ADP in Business and Innovation. Students enrolled in the program connect their learning to potential post-secondary opportunities in the business sector to help them make more informed decisions about their chosen career path.

Learn more about Colonel Gray’s Academy Diploma Program in Business and Innovation here.


Written by Sara Underwood

January 7, 2014 at 2:59 pm

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