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Sophie goes to Hollywood!

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Sophie in Cali 1When Sophie Melanson left her hometown of Shediac, N.B. to take Holland College’s two-year Photography and Digital Imaging program almost two years ago, she never imagined that she’d end up schmoozing with the stars in an Oscar gifting suite, but that’s what happened earlier this month.

The trip came about because of some product photography she did for Charlottetown entrepreneur Nicole Mead’s LOVE!T products.

“She liked how I worked, my efficiency, and how clean my work was, and invited me to go with her to Los Angeles…a few days later, I’m on a plane,” Sophie recalled.

Sophie in Cali 2Celebrity gifting suites have become ubiquitous at entertainment industry events. Vendors fly to the location at their own expense for the opportunity to showcase their products to music, TV and film stars. Sophie’s job was to take pictures and video of Nicole’s LOVE!T product booth, visitors, and products.

“The day before the Oscars, I met Mickey Rooney, Kym Whitely, Niecy Nash, Sam Page, Nia Peeples, along with 150 more celebrities. It was surreal!” she said.

Determined to make the most of her trip, Sophie set out to meet as many people as possible, both to make them aware of the product, and aware of her photography skills.

“We went to an After Oscar party at the West Hollywood Hotel. It was amazing! The people were so open and friendly, and many of them were CEOs of companies, but they treated me really well.

“Since we returned from California, I’ve been keeping in touch with the people I met, and have even had a potential job offer for after I graduate.”

Sophie said it was a real “small-town girl goes to L.A.” story, and the trip has given her the travel bug.

Sophie in Cali 3“My dream is to work for National Geographic, so I’m working hard on building up a portfolio that will be professional enough to inspire their confidence in my ability to do an assignment.”

It’s a long way from Shediac to L.A., but Sophie said her experience in the Photography and Digital Imaging program provided her with the basics she needed to get started in this highly-competitive industry.

“When I graduated high school, I didn’t want to move to a big city or to a place where the focus was on just one aspect of the business. I wanted a place that was close to home, but that could teach me the hands-on skills I needed to launch my career, this program has done that.”

Sophie’s currently doing her on the job training with nationally recognized photographer Maurice Henri.

To view more of Sophie’s work, visit her Tumblr page, http://sophiemelanson.tumblr.com/.

Images courtesy of Sophie Melanson.

Written by Sara Underwood

March 19, 2014 at 1:21 pm

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