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ITAP’s IT Garage gives fledging programmers and artists a taste of the real world of app development

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Graduates of programs related to video game and application development get real-world experience in the Innovation and Technology Association of Prince Edward Island (ITAP) IT Garage, a video game and software development incubator for graduates of IT programs. For three months, two teams of three graduates from Holland College programs such as Video Game Art and Animation or Computer Information Systems, UPEI’s Computer Sciences program, or from similar programs elsewhere in the region, work together to develop either a video game or a business application.

Timothy Young, who oversaw this year’s IT Garage for ITAP, said the participants gain invaluable experience not just from developing the apps, but from the team work and planning the projects require, as well.

BA1“For many of them, this is their first experience working on a team. It helps them learn the importance of collaboration, and how to be good communicators.”

Recently, the two teams involved in the IT Garage (which ran for several years as Game Garage), unveiled their projects to industry leaders and students. One team developed a business app, Collectopaedia, which allows users to sort and manage their video game collections. Developers Harvey Xia, a UPEI graduate, and Ryan Adams, a graduate of Holland College’s Computer Information Systems program, worked with Video Game Art and Animation graduate Jacob Judson on the app.

The second team developed a video game, Trees N Trees, where players take care of a pet monster earning upgrades by exploring and battling in a forest dungeon. Developers Fernando Marques, a Sheridan College graduate, and Jesse Martin, a graduate of Holland College’s Computer Information Systems program, worked on the game with Video Game Art and Animation graduates Brett Farrell and Shelyse Richard.

VG1Last year’s IT Garage led to the development of Spirit of Adventure, a video game launched by two IT Garage participants, Courtney Gaudet and Scott Humes. Gaudet and Humes formed Rabbit Hole Studios, a video game production company, and launched the game on New Year’s Eve.

ITAP anticipates running another IT Garage later this year. For more information about IT Garage, visit the ITAP website.


Written by Sara Underwood

May 20, 2015 at 2:19 pm

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